6 Dazzling Places to Visit in Norway

From the famous fjords to the majestic mountains and its modern picturesque cities, Norway is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking countries in the world. It has picture-perfect landscapes that you can explore by boat, bike, car, and foot. Whether enjoying the breathtaking northern lights or the beautiful massive glacier summer sun glistening, Norway gives you excellent holiday adventure any season. Here are the places to go in Norway.

Jotunheimen National Park

The Jotunheimen National park is the home of the giants and Norway’s leading national park. Located in the country south-central region, this beautiful park encompasses of various mountain ranges include the famous Norway 29 highest peak. The Vettisfossen waterfall is 900 feet making it the highest in the county; the park also boasts of well-marked trails, mountain lodges to visitor’s easy access to summit tours, glacier hikes, skiing and mountain climbing. Trekking association and tours companies offer the best package for the Australian tourists of every skill level and ages a memorable outdoor adventure.

The Alfotbreen Glacier

The Alfotbreen Glacier is located in the western part of Norway. The Glacier is surrounded by very distinctive geological formations derived from the Devonian Age. Additionally, the glacier is traversing its stunning and ever-changing icy surface. While visiting Norway it’s advisable you take a tour and admire the awe-inspiring glacier, take a walkout from the Vingen that leads you through the biggest the stunning petroglyph fields found in the Nordic Countries. Others things to do while in this area is to check in at mountain cabins in Gjegnabu and Blabrebu and sleep in the wild.

The Wilds of Femundsmarka

The Wilds of Femundsmarka has the most extensive sketches of un-kept trails and un-spoilt wildness in the southern part of Norway. Here you will find reindeers wandering along the path and occasionally see brown bears, moose, and Wolverine as you trek around. Femundsmarka has a primeval appearance with rugged terrains that makes the place the best for hiking according to Norwegian Trekking Association. The area has lots of scenic routes to explore, and during the winter season, the ski-routes p makes the Femundsmarka more exciting. The many rivers and lakes around the area are an idea for canoeing even for days and exploring its beauty.

The Hardangervidda Plateau

The Hardangervidda plateau is the best place to pitch your tent and enjoy your camping in this beautiful and largest European mountain plateau. The Plateau is home to Norway’s largest national park, and the surrounding Hardangervidda ancient’s geology gives the best terrains for camping and hiking.

Western Fjords

The most dramatic, famous and stunning fjords are mostly found in the west part of Norway. Tall mountains surround the fjords, steep rock faces and they are intense and relatively narrow.

The Lyngsalpene Mountain range

It offers a dream destination for the skier’s lovers, the Lyngsalpene Mountains are surrounded by fjords, and some of them rise above 1000 meters above the sea level. Once you reach the peak, a fabulous alpine view awaits, the place also beasts of gentler slopes perfect for cycling or hiking, plenty of fishing activities and native wildlife.

Norway has endless active and outdoor activities with the best idyllic landscapes and memorable holiday experience.





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